Negotiation is a part of man's everyday life

Today is a very auspicious day for all of us.  This day we formally launch the Implementing Peace Panels of the GPH and MILF to signal that the peace process is back on the formal track and the Parties are ready as ever to proceed with vigour, commitment, and determination. They are also ready to work as partners both in their supervisory responsibilities over the various mechanisms or infrastructures of the peace process as well as in the implementation of their bilateral or respective obligations set forth in signed agreements. I will deal with them in more details later in this statement.

The Bangsamoro people shall be free and in order to be free, the Bangsamoro shall overcome injustice with justice, suffering with compassion, poverty with generosity, ill-will with good, prejudice with understanding, and death with life.

Presence of Third Parties in GPH MILF Peace Process:

GPH–MILF Peace Process presents a unique engagement model of Third parties engagement in various aspects of the peace process. Third Parties have been invited at the pleasure of parties after a bilateral agreement had reached between the parties. This has resulted in GPH-MILF peace process as a multilateral process. In a multilateral process such as this one, parties cannot make unilateral decision about role of third parties.