(IN PHOTO)- Volunteers, donors and BDA-CenMin officials and Staff at the City Mall< Cotabato City during the 34th MBD

BDA-CenMin significantly improved its Regular Bloodletting Activity

The Bangsamoro Development Agency-Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) has significantly improved its regular bloodletting activity as evidenced by the outcome of 34th Muslim Blood Donation (MBD) activity held on October 1, 2017 at City Mall, Cotabato City.   

To achieve the goal of improving the MBD, Nazneen Biruar-Piang, R.N., MBD Coordinator strongly urged the participation of all team members of the 34th MBD in a preparatory meeting conducted by BDA-Regional Management Office (RMO) at its Session Hall days before the bloodletting proper was held. 

As a result, the MBD was participated by not only the staff and regular volunteers of BDA-CenMin but also by the number of new volunteers from the academe and other youth organizations. 

“Said meeting resulted to the finalization of tasking of activities to be carried out by the MBD team members,” said Amoth Polalon, BDA Regional Health Coordinator Program.

“The MBD team members were grouped into committee on the bases of the possible tasks to be undertaken during the activity which started from preparation to restoration,” added Polalon. 

“During the meeting, each committee head was tasked to make sure the attendance, participation and full cooperation of each member to work according to their assigned tasks,” pointed out Ansarie Abubakar, Committee Member on Venue Preparation. 

Other indicators that the BDA-CenMin improved to the better are as follows:

1. “To render better quality service in the 34th MBD, the committee assigned for venue preparation stayed overnight for the first time in the City Mall to ensure a more conducive venue of bloodletting activity,” Biruar-Piang clarified.

2. The BDA-CenMin Communication Group (ComGroup) took note of the 15 multi-functional fordable beds for MBD received by the agency through donations from benevolent donors were used during the noble activity.  

3. Awarding of Certificate of Recognition for over 100 regular donors with at least nine blood unit deposits was done during the bloodletting proper.

4. The bloodletting activity was, for the first time, covered by Musafir Film, a documentary film based in Cotabato City in order to better exposed the MBD as safe engagement as a healthy lifestyle, and among the traditions of Prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him. 

The Musafir Film Team that covered the 34th MBD were Prince Nor-Anzarrih Matalam, Film Director; Mohammad Ali Pasigan, President; Benyamen Cabuntalan, Focal Person; Bolkiah Mamadra, Crew; and, Muammar “Coy” Akmad, Crew. They also donated blood.

Bloodletting through the MBD is a regular activity of BDA, particularly in Central Mindanao, in partnership with both government and non-government organizations that started last October 12, 2008.