“BBL can Address Challenges to Good Governance:” Former Upi Vice Mayor Salik

In his lecture during the FASTRAC-BLMI Youth Leadership Training at the T’boli Hotel, General Santos City on October 08, 2017, FBCSO Chairman and former Upi Vice Mayor Abdullah Salik discussed about Politics and Governance to the youth participants.

He explained the definition of politics along with the scope of political science. He also discussed the Constitutional Framework of the Philippine political system and the history of the previous constitutions of the Philippines including the Malls constitution, the 1935 Commonwealth Constitution, the 1973 Constitution of the Marcos regime, the transitionary 1986 provisional Freedom Constitution, and the 1987 Constitution which is our present constitution.

He also discussed the definition and elements of the state — government, people, territory, and sovereignty. He also explained the functions of the three branches of government namely the executive, the legislative, and the judiciary. Supposedly, these three branches should provide check and balance with each other, however in current reality, the legislative branch caters to the directive of the executive. Furthermore, he also explained the duties of the state to the constituents.

The second part of Salik’s lecture focused on governance, specifically the two types of governance; the good and bad governance. To elaborate further, he enumerated and explained the indicators of a good governance which included: people’s participation, rule of laws, effectiveness and efficiency, transparency, responsiveness, equity and inclusiveness, consensus-oriented, and accountability.

He also mentioned some of the current challenges in governance comprise of widespread corruption, poor law enforcement and ineffective justice system, lack of accountability and transparency, weak protection of human rights among vulnerable populations, the politicalization of the military, continued armed conflict in Mindanao, relentless war on drugs, political division, imminent constitutional crisis, and emergence of violence extremism. 

Salik emphasized that the passage of a good Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL)would serve as an antidote to violent extremism.