MNLF, MILF Convergence gets stronger as BBL Passage nears

The recently concluded Training Workshop on News Writing and Peace Message in support to MILF-MNLF Convergence in Davao City manifested the strengthening of convergence of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

Five (5) prominent officers of the MNLF (Misuari faction), and four (4) from the MNLF- Jikiri group attended the two (2) day activity, while 14 came from the MILF and its affiliate organizations and entities.

The exchanges of ideas and opinions were cordial; everyone participated actively during the workshops. 

Thanks to The Asia Foundation (TAF) who sponsored the program, and suggested for a mixed participants in adherence to President Rodrigo Duterte’s desire to converge the two Moro Fronts and harmonize the peace agreements they signed with the government.  

Speaking to the participants during the culmination of the activity, MILF PIP Chair Mohagher Iqbal described the MNLF, MILF Struggle as “One People, One Aspiration” towards Right to Self-Determination.  On the issue of the upcoming Bangsamoro Assembly slated on November 26-27, 017, he invited everyone without mentioning out the MNLF to attend the big event.

One participant who hails from Tawi-Tawi and is a professor of MSU-Tawi-Tawi in Bongao asked Chairman Iqbal if it could be possible to hold another Bangsamoro Assembly in island provinces.

 Iqbal said that the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC), being the organizer of the activity is assessing the holding of one in the said provinces but considering the security aspect should it materializes.

Meanwhile, report reaching Luwaran says that MNLf-MILF Joint Advocacy for the new BBL is taking place in Sulu that covers MNLF strongholds and MILF communities.