‘#SIGNnewBBL initiates support for upcoming Bangsamoro Assembly’

The Sustainable Initiatives of Grassroots and Networks for BBL (#SignNewBBL) in partnership with the Committee on Tarbiyyah of the MILF Central Committee held meeting yesterday, November 23rd in preparation for the upcoming Bangsamoro Assembly on November 26- 27, 017.

“A Walk for BBL” initiative will be spearheaded by the coalition that aims to support the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) being the lead organizer of the assembly.

The activity is expected to gather hundreds of thousands of Bangsamoro people including settlers & the Indigenous people to express support to the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL). 

The meeting presided by Dr. Ismael Abdullah, General Secretary of Committee on Tarbiyyah & General Secretary of Mindanao Alliance for Peace (MAP) expressed his gratitude to the attendees who came from different committees, organizations & other sectors.

Around 35 leaders and individuals patiently listened to the presentation of Dr. Abdullah, and the various suggestions from other attendees where some suggestions cropped up for the improvement of the preparations by the coalition and partners. 

The “Walk for BBL” was designed to show unity and solidarity of the Bangsamoro People, and other sectors and to urge Congress to pass the BBL. 

The coalition that comprises the #SignNewBBL Movement in cooperation with Tarbiyyah Committee of the MILF Central Committee, Department of Education including private educational institutions and state universities and colleges (SUC’s) are joining together to make the assembly successful and peaceful until its culmination on November 27.