UBJP-Western Mindanao holds meeting to strengthen the organization, enhance their line of communication

In a bid to foster unity and achieve broader understanding among Bangsamoro Community leaders, the United Bangsamoro Moro Justice Party (UBJP) held meeting in the villages of Tulungatung and Sangali in Zamboanga City on February 19. 

The meeting was also aimed at strengthening the organization and enhancing the line of communication between and among local community leaders in the city.

The meeting was initiated by Hadji Mahmud Estino, UBJP Vice President for Western Mindanao and Moro community leader Hadji Atiola Jamsuri. 

Moro community Leaders Imam Akob Asta and Bapah Julsalin Morsalin hosted the meeting. It was facilitated by Mr. Rodolfo (IDOL) Cabrera and Mr. Darwin Isnani from Moro Non- Government Organization. 

Heads of different line agencies, Bangsamoro Peace Advocates and Moro community leaders, Officers from Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) and United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) attended the meeting. They also provided some productive inputs. 

In his wrapped-up message, Hadji Estino noted that leaders in communities must ensure the support of their constituents, provide openness in dialogue as well as putting value to everyone’s effort by adopting the practice of consultation and transparency in decision making. 

Brother Phix from UNYPAD made a brief statement on the significance of unity stressing that it will strengthen the Bangsamoro aspiration towards Right to Self-Determination. 

Brod Phix urged the community leaders to do away with tribalism and selfishness as they weaken the Moro stand particularly on Bangsamoro lingering issues. We are all in the same boat either sailing smoothly or gets sinking on the ocean floor and we will suffer the consequences.

Updates on Bangsamoro peace agreements and other related issues were delivered by Tirso Tahir of BLMI. He appealed to Moro Community leaders to sustain the gains of the painstaking and hard work peace negotiations between the GPH and the MILF. 

“By continuing your peace advocacy and responsiveness in peace-building, you can contribute in advancing the Bangsamoro legitimate cause which has been deprived to us until now”, Tahir stressed.