“Parents: Frontliners in shaping Childrens’ Behavior against Extremist Recruitment ”: MSU-IIT faculty

ILIGAN CITY – November 06, 2017 – “We parents should come up with a preventive measures so that our children would be a good citizen to our country.” said Dr. Alma G. Maranda, a faculty from Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT) in a Seminar-Workshop on Extremism  this city.

The activity was conducted by Maranao People Development Center (MARADECA)  Inc. in Iligan City National High School- Annex last December 5, 2017 in partnership with United Nation Developemnt Program (UNDP).

This beneficial endeavor of MARADECA aims to impart eductional inputs to parents, and students about extremism and solicit ideas, guidelines, and recommendations in combating the growing recruitment of youth to radical activities.

“As parents we should know and aware of the signs of children who are already recruited into terroristic activities. So, that that society will not stigmatize us.”Dr. Maranda added.

She further said that if we noticed something is changed in the behavior of our children we can still persuade, and convince them in a nonviolent way, and in a multi-sectoral way approach . Talk to them openly in a gentle way so that we can rehabilitate and bring them back to mainstream.

The parents-child relationship should be built firmly.  It is also a must to every parents to study the concept of Jihad in Islam. It will be very hard for the parents to counter narrative on their children’s belief if they don’t have enough knowledge on concept of Jihad in Islam.

“Children in adolscence stage are very adventurous. A stage of excitements, temptations, curiousity, and gullible. Dr. Maranda pointed out.

She admired, and lauded MARADECAs’ effort  for realizing this kind of undertaking. She  emphasized the main goal being a parents and that is to prevent, and counter extremists recruitment .