Azatids Salasal, Palti Declared Champions in North Cotabato Qur’an Reading Contest

Ustadz Ali Salasal, Male Category, and Ustadza Zubaida Akas-Palti, Female Category won, and declared champions during the Provincial Qur’an Reading Competition in North Cotabato.

The affair was held at the hub lobby of the Institute of Middle East, and Asian Studies (IMEAS), University of Southern Mindanao (USM), Kabacan, this Province. 

Ustadz Salasal garnered a total of 95.50%, while Ustadza Palti received 94.90%. There were 45 contestants who participated in the contest. 

Salasal’s close rival were Ebrahim Pulalon, 2nd Place, and Samer Udasan, 3rd Place. 

Palti’s runner ups were Samera Abdul, 2nd Place, and Hadja Hassana Macaalay, 3rd place. 

The contest was sponsored by the Cotabato District 2 Sheikol Qurrah headed by Ustads Aliodin Ampatuan. He was assisted by his municipal Sheikol Qurrah, namely: Ustadz Abdullah Ampatuan of Kabacan 1, Ustadz Norhan Umpong of Kabacan 2, Ustadz Abdullah Puasa of Carmmen 1, Ustadz Taher Omi of Carmen 2 and Ustadz Zaynodin Lagidit of Matalam. 

Dean Ustadz Badrodin S. Abdulkadir of IMEAS led the faculty in welcoming the audience who watched the event.

 Sheik Mohamiden Umpong, an International Qari, and a student of USM joined the affair by giving an exhibition in the recitation of the Noble Qur’ an. 

The winners in this contest will join the regional competition in the near future.