JPSC CO-chairs validate JPST proposed locations

When Pres. Rodrigo Roa Duterte was elected President on May 2016, a lot of people has been puzzled as to how the Mindanao peace process will continue, and prosper for the realization of the peace agreements. 

On February 20 to 21, 2018, the Joint Peace & Security Committee (JPSC) conducted initial site validations of the proposed locations for the Joint Peace & Security Team (JPST) as agreed between the GPH, and MILF Peace Implementing Panels. 

There were two (2) groups formed relative to the conduct of site validation. The Team 1 visited areas of Libutan, Mamasapano, and Datu Saudi Ampatuan in Maguindanao; and Barko-Barko, Columbio, Sultan Kudarat Province. 

Meanwhile, Team 2 visited the areas of Ganasi, North Upi; Gadungan, Talitay; and Bagoinged, Pikit.  Team 

Team 1 and Team 2 jointly visited Camp Abubakar in Barira.

JPST is composed of contingents from the AFP, PNP, and the BIAF that will work for the maintenance of peace, and order, and the stability of the areas mutually identified by the GPH and the MILF. It was scheduled to be in place on the agreed locations by early July this year. This will be composed of 30 personnel, 15 will be allocated for BIAF-MILF, 8 for PNP, and 7 from AFP. There will be a total of 6,000 JPST Personnel to be deployed for the transition period of the Bangsamoro Government, In shaa Allah.

No less than the two Co-Chairs of JPSC, PCSupt. Gerardo Rosales of PNP, and Mr. Von Al Haq of the MILF visited the area. With them were Ms. Jenifer Marie Tiu of OPAPP, Dir. Carlos Sol Jr. of the combined secretariat of GPH AHJAG-CCCH, Mr. Toks Ebrahim, and Dir. Jennie Claire Mordeno from the JNC, Mr. Kashmir Mohammad of JPST, and representatives from MILF-CCCH.

The JPSC, JPST, and the JNC are part of the transitional components of Normalization Process under the Annex on Normalization of the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) that aims to ensure human security in the Bangsamoro, and a process whereby communities can achieve their desired quality life such as sustainable livelihood, and political participation in a peaceful deliberative society.