IN PHOTO- Senator Migz Zubiri, Senate Majority Floor Leader, and Proponent of SB 1717 (Bangsamoro Basic Law)

Period of interpellation on BBL at the senate ends

PASAY CITY. May 24, 2018. The House of Senate closed the period of interpellation on Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) on May 23 during their plenary session.


Prior to the closing of the period of interpellation, Senator Manny Pacquiao delivered a manifestation of support to the passage of BBL and proposes amendments to the provisions on Fiscal Autonomy and clarified the meaning of "contiguous areas."

Senator Franklin Drillon turned again to the chamber and question two major issues provided in the Bangsamoro Basic Law regarding the " asymmetrical relationship " of Central government to the Bangsamoro government and " automatic appropriation " known as the block grant. 

 But the proponent of the bill Senator Zubiri defended and argued asymmetrical relationship between the Central government and Bangsamoro Government is just a normal process that both have an exclusive and shared powers but they are not equal. 

As to the " block grant ", Senator Drillon proposes that automatic appropriation or block grant could also be applied to other regions same with the Bangsamoro government.

 Senator Zubiri contended that this could not be done because ARMM and CORDILLERA are Special Local Government Units or Regions that are having a distinct characteristics and that are separate from other regions.

After their discussion, Senator Drillon moved for the closing of the period of interpellations that ends well.