IN PHOTO- Mohagher Iqbal, Chair of MILF PIP, and BTC Commissioner speaking to Maguindanao Educators during a Forum on Understanding BOL at Pagana Restaurant, Cotabato City

Bangsamoro Professionals hold forum on understanding BOL for Maguindanao Educators

COTABATO CITY. September 5, 2018. The Bangsamoro Professionals in coordination with OPAPP - MILF Joint Communications Committee (JCC) in partnership with the Bangsamoro Justice Party and Bangsamoro ICSP Alumni Association (BIAA) conducted a forum on : " Understanding the Bangsamoro Organic Law for Educators in Maguindanao " held at Pagana Resto, Cotabato City on September 1, 2018.

The activity was attended by more than 300 educators from DepEd Maguindanao I that includes the Promotional staff, Central School Principals, Secondary School Heads, District Supervisors and Division Superintendents.

Similart activity is also set for DepEd Maguindanao II on September 9, 2018 at same venue and to be attended by more or less 300 educators.

The activity aims to provide the Educators of Maguindanao a glimpse of the Bangsamoro Organic Law (BOL), its opportunities and consequences in the aspect of education.

Educators are great influencer in the community that necessitates them to enhance their knowledge and understanding on BOL specially that they will play vital role in this coming plebiscite.


IN PHOTO- Hundreds of educators from Maguindanao attending the Forum on Understanding BOL at Pagana Restaurant, Cotabato City

The resource speakers were: BTC Commissioner and MILF PIP Chair Mohagher Iqbal who expounded  on the Brief History and Struggle of the Bangsamoro ; BTC Commissioner Dr. Susana S. Anayatin who talked about the Education aspect of Bangsamoro Organic Law ; and BTC Commissioner Atty. Raisa Jajuri who shared about political and fiscal aspect of Bangsamoro Organic Law.

After the lecture series, open discussion through Q and A was done and forum ended with the educators signified their overwhelming Yes vote for BOL, and vowed to campaign for its ratification.