‘A Muslim Leader is a good follower of Allah's command,’ Moro youth leaders told

“A Muslim leader is a good follower of Allah's command, does not violate the teachings of Islam and lives in this world as role model,” a young Moro peace advocate told Moro youth leaders in a summit.

“All we have in this world is temporary and as days goes by, our life span becomes shortened,” Fayediyah Samanodi underscored addressing the 40 Madrasah student youth leaders of Sarangani who participated in the Moro Youth Leadership Summit held in General Santos City on October 28-30, 2018.

Samanodi, said a leader should give his best for the betterment of society especially in nurturing the next generations.

“It is our obligation to give their better life, guide them and to let them realize the importance of quality of education,” she added.

The resource person underscored further that good leaders possess Islamic values as portrayed by the Holy Prophet.

“They (Muslim leaders) speak, think and act moderately and they are not extreme in ideas, command, and behavior,” she pointed out.

Citing some provisions of the Bangsamoro Organic Law, Samanodi said the proposed autonomous government shall recognize the vital role of the youth in nation building, promote and protect their physical, mental, spiritual, moral, intellectual and social well-being.

“It shall inculcate patriotism and nationalism, encourage involvement in public and civic affairs, and promote mental and physical fitness through sports,: Samanodi added.

She cited further that the Parliament shall create a Commission on Youth Affairs and shall define its powers, functions, and composition. 

“The privilege of the youth to participate in the Parliament gives great opportunity to explore their intellectual, skills and capacity to develop mechanisms for their development,” she quoted.

Samanodi ended her presentation citing the statement of the late MILF Chairman Salamat Hashim from his manuscript entitled Book of Mujahid, “Make Da'wah as your center for establishing good Aqeedah and involve yourself in the struggle to make it as your strong foundation in building nation as we wish to nurture the future generations.”

The activity was spearheaded by Sulong Sarangani Program and was supported by development partners.