BDA sends IT officers to Turkey for TV Broadcasting Training

Bangsamoro Development Agency selected IT officers to undergo a two-month Television Broadcasting Training in Ankara, Turkey from October 16- December 14, 2018. The Training was organized by the Turkish Radio and Television Corporation (TRT). 

The training aims to enlighten the participants in the technical know-hows to provide programs and services that inform, educate, enlighten, and enrich the public and help inform civil discourse essential to the Bangsamoro Region through the use of social media and TV network.

TRT was founded on 1 May 1964 as an independent public entity under the provisions of a special law with the aim of carrying out radio and TV broadcasts on behalf of the state. The constitutional amendments in 1972 defined TRT as “A neutral public economic entity”. 

Today, TRT serves as a public service broadcaster whose independence and neutrality is provisioned under the constitution that broadcasts on radio, TV and all other media. Its mission is to expand understanding, challenge assumptions, encourage debate and influence positive behavior. And its vision is to be a catalyst for positive change.

The current participants of the Training are: Banyamen Cabuntalan, Zainodden I. Victor, Muhammad Haidar A. Midtimbang, Monhamir M. Guinaid, and Jamaile A. Edsa.

Amongst the topic of the training that are being tackled are: Set Design; Lighting; Video-Camera Training; Image Recording; Camera Control Training; Image Definition and Subtitle; Sound Training; and Animation & Graphic Training.

One of the highlights of the training is the Sharing Experience of the TRT Executive Managers who are: Kurtlu? ZEYDAN, TRT 1 Channel Coordinator who talked about “How to establish the identity of a channel?”; Yener TEK?N, Manager, Department of Studio and Program Transmission Systems talked about “How to establish the studios with the aim of broadcasting?”; Süleyman ERDAL, Head of TRT External Services discussed “International Journalism”.

Other TRT Executives who also shared their experiences to the participants includes Fatih ?AH?NGÖZ, Deputy of TRT Haber Coordinator who talked about “Election Broadcasting” and ?brahim ACAR, Editor/New Media Channel Coordinatorship talked about “Television Technologies and New Media Broadcasting.”

Furthermore, Haluk KOÇ, Reporter/TRT News Channel Coordinatorship discussed about “Making News Programs” and Ahmet Gormez, Manager/TRT News Channel Coordinatorship-TRT Foreign News shared his insights on “Broadcasting in extraordinary situations and Conflict Journalism”

A Turkish poet once said “If there is a road, there is a possibility to walk on it”.