Central Mindanao’s MRL’s urge national gov’t leaders to legislate genuine autonomy for Bangsamoro

Muslims Religious Leaders (MRL) in Central Mindanao in a consultative forum on peace and security held in Cotrabato City on January 17, 2016 urged the national government particularly members of the House of Representatives and the Senate to help bring just and lasting peace by legislating genuine autonomy that has been promised by the Philippine Constitution, a genuine autonomy that can be realized if the terms of the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro  (CAB) are retained in the Bangsamoro Baisc Law (BBL).

Having worked on the front lines for just peace and against violent extremism, the MRL’s in their statement condemned the un-Islamic actions of the violent extremist groups in bombing innocent civilians in Paris, Istanbul and Indonesia;

They said that, “Violent extremist groups have been fueled by military actions by the West against terrorism and violent extremism. But extremism and militarism are two sides of the same destructive coin, each fueling each other”.

“Today, these extremist groups have extended its tentacles in conflict-affected Muslim Mindanao, gaining supporters in communities of disillusioned Bangsamoro who feel deceived by the derailing of the Bangsamoro Basic Law and the mujahedeen who believe that the peace process have been betrayed by the imperial Manila”, the MRL’s also said in their statement.

The MRL’s believed that the proposed law that will create the ideal Bangsamoro Autonomous Region will lay down the foundation to neutralize violent extremism.

While calling on congress to pass the BBL, the MRL’s also called on all Muslims in the country to refrain from joining any groups that espouse unjust killings or terrorism to advance their cause, instead they should understand and promote Islam as a religion peace and harmony that abhors violent extremism.