“There is need to establish rehab center for Moro youth drug victims”: Moro woman leader

A Moro woman leader said there is a need to put up a rehabilitation center in Central Mindanao to accommodate Moro youth who are succumbed to drug abuse.

“We need to save them, what will be their future if they turned insane because of drug addiction,” Anisa Taha, Central Mindanao regional chairperson of Muslim women organization, Noorus Salam, pointed out.

Taha and other Moro women leaders who attended the consultative workshop on “The Role of Women in Peace and Security” held in Cotabato City on January 16 noted the increasing drug-related crime incidents in the Bangsamoro communities which they described “very alarming.”

“We need to rehabilitate the young victims of drug abuse and apprehend those who proliferate that illegal substance (Shabu),” she stressed.

Taha said such proposed rehabilitation center will provide an opportunity to victims for faith reawakening that can turn them into good individuals.

She also stressed that the rehab center should have separate units for girls and boys in accordance to Islamic principles.

“It is good that both the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the government now act to address the problem on drugs,” she added.

The forum participants noted the wider dissemination campaign of the MILF in the communities mounting warning messages that call the people to abstain from illegal drugs.

They also warned that drug addicts who engaged in robbery are not reluctant to kill the victims.

“Authorities must be very serious in hunting the people who supply drugs because without them there are no victims,” they said.

 “Before, we hear that drug addicts are coming from the youth but now even older people are taking drugs,” Noraida Chio said.

Tarhata Maglangit shared the initiative in Raja Muda where there is a program to help the drug abuse victims. “The victims are taught to read the Holy Qur’an and they receive Da’wah regularly,” she related and added that the parents just simply provide their foods and other personal needs.  

Taha hoped stakeholders will help Noorus Salam to establish on rehabilitation center in Central Mindanao.

Noorus Salam is a network of empowered Moro women which conduct planning and community-based activities that address various issues affecting the Bangsamoro people like human trafficking, human rights, women’s health issues and security. 

The forum was organized by Philippine Center for Islam and Democracy, Institute for Autonomy and Governance, Local Government Development Foundation, and Zabida with the support of Pro Politics Pro Peace and Australian Aid.