VTT participants assure strong commitment for change for the better

In a Values Transformation Training (VTT) conducted by the Regional Management Office (RMO) of Bangsamoro Development Agency- Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) at Municipal Gymnasium in Poblacion Barorao (PB), Sultan Sa Barungis (SSB), Maguindanao on December 11 - 13, 2015, the participants assured strong commitment for change for the better.

Uztazah Badria Salih, Barangay Development Catalyst (BDC) of PB said, "The result of the VTT is more than our expectations because the responses of the participants showed strong commitment for change for the better". 

"The training was exclusively conducted for them with the aim of transforming their values and developing their personalities to become better if not best Muslims," stressed Badria.

"The activity was participated by 34 selected individuals from community members of PB," added Badria.

One participant, Suharto Malausog, Barangay Councilor of PB said, "The VTT reminds us of noble purpose of creation of mankind by Allah."

"We as human beings, regardless of tribes, religious and political affiliations were created with the noble purpose to worship Allah alone and develop this earth as a way of worshipping him alone," explained Malausog.

"VTT is also a very effective approach to transform our values which serves as guidelines in developing our personality in the most upright way," Malausog clarified.

"Because, this training serves as strong shield to protect ourselves from the temptation of the contemporary secularized modernization that hinders, if not destroys, our connection to Allah," emphasized Malausog.

"Thus with VTT, our focus and efforts to serve the purposes of creation by Allah is refreshed and preserved," added Malausog.

In an interview with Ansarie Abubakar, Maguindanao Provincial Development Catalyst (PDC), by BDA-CenMin Communication Group (ComGroup) at RMO of the agency on December 15, 2015, he said "all the participants have their own habits that need improvements."

Abubakcar also said, "Majority of them are cigarette smokers, while some are drinking liquors, while others are doing other minor things that also need improvement".

"But their participation in the VTT was a great blessings for all of them because it showed the beginning of transformation through expressing strong commitment to change  bad habits and replace them with good values and continuously improve themselves," emphasized Abubakar.

Sheikh Omar Mamokan, one of the facilitators of the training said, "What an excellent result of the training!" 

"The result was a great surprise to us because we did not expect this immediate transformation of the participants," Mamokan clarified.

"I think, such was a divine intervention that made the participants realized immediately to change after completing the training," hinted Mamokan.

With the results, Faisal Balutintik, Sangguniang Bayan Secretary of the municipality, expressed thanks and gratitude to the RMO of BDA-CenMin for conducting VTT in the locality.

Balutintik also said, "Participating in VTT is one of the most needed by every one of us because it is in line with Islam since we are Muslims".

"That is why, the VTT corrected the values of the participants," added Balutintik .

The MILF Municipal Political Committee Chairman of SSB also expressed thanks and gratitude to the RMO of BDA-CenMin for conducting this training.

He likewise expressed strong commitment of support to conduct more VTT in the municipality.

The Municipal Chairwoman of Social Welfare Committee (SWC) in SSB, also expressed commitment of support to conduct another VTT in the community.

She was also expecting that the SWC members in SSB will be the participants of another VTT in this area."

In coordination with Local Government Unit (LGU) of SSB, the VTT was conducted with the strong support of the community stakeholders of PB.

VTT was written by BDA designed to be conducted for the period of three (3) days which aims to transform the values and develop the personality of the Bangsamoro and other stakeholders in order to justly fulfill the responsibilities and/or accountabilities entrusted to them in the best possible way.