Muslim orgs regularly hold Islamic seminar in Lanao del Sur

Two active Muslim organizations regularly hold Islamic seminar in Lanao del Sur in their effort to propagate Islamic teachings that will guide the constituents in the localities to become responsible and devout Muslims.

The ARD Islamic Family Foundation, Inc. and Run for Proper Hijab, two groups that focuses on Da’wah activities, will hold their 56th Islamic seminar on January 8 at Barangay Paiguay, Tubaran Lanao del Sur.

The topics to be discussed are Tawheed (oneness of God), Shirk, Bid’a (innovation), experiences in the grave, and the essence of Hijab (veil).

Among the invited lecturers are Alim Norodin Darungcala and Alim Suhair Rinabor.

Last December 27, the two organizations hosted an Islamic seminar for women where the resource persons discussed the proper attitude in dealing with neighbours, death and the process of bathing and preparing the corpse for burial.

Alimah Samiyah Abdulkarim and Alimah Noronsalam “Ummu Mus'ab” Idaros handled the discussions.

They also hosted Islamic seminar for women with the topics Somuliyatul Islam and Sahabatu Rasulillah wa Fardhailuhom held at Soraya Function Hall in the City of Marawi last November 30.

RDFFI and RFPH promote the wearing of Hijab among the Muslimah (Muslim woman). 

They also post Qur’anic verses and Hadiths in their facebook pages to inform Muslim netizens on certain important reminders about Islam particularly death and obedience to the commandments of the Almighty.