BDA SouthMin turns over add’l income-generating subprojects to Sarangani POs

The Bangsamoro Development Agency (BDA) – Southern Mindanao (SouthMin) Region turned-over more livelihood sub-projects to People’s Organizations in Sarangani Province on February 15 to 17 and 24, 2016. 

The development assistance is under the Mindanao Trust Fund Reconstruction and Development Program (MTFRDP)-Institutional Strengthening Agreement (ISA).

It provides organizational development and livelihood skills training and financial assistance that enhances or expands the previously given MTFRDP sub-projects to the People’s Organizations. 

ISA strengthens community organizations helping them to generate income to improve the living standards and reduce poverty. It was implemented from July to December 2015. 

BDA SouthMin  staff, headed by its newly installed Regional Manager, Alimuddin Hadjinor, facilitated the turn-over ceremony at Barangays Ticulab and Maguling in Maitum,  Barangay Lumasal in Maasim and Barangay Tuyan and Lun Masla in Malapatan.   


In line with the Community Driven Development approach being employed in implementing the MTFRDP, the POs identified, planned and implemented the projects for their respective communities. 

Each of the communities was provided with P200,000.00 financial assistance.

The PO of Ticulab, a community dominated by Manubo and T’boli tribesmen, acquired one unit dynamo to generate electricity that will provide lighting to more than 100 households, one unit wooden trailer, repair of solar drier and installation of faucet for the warehouse.

In Maguling, the PO allotted capitalization for trading copra and rice, procured one unit welding machine, and they fenced and expanded the garage for their post-harvest facilities.

For Lumasal, there was an improvement repair of the non-functional boat, repair of solar drier, improvement of warehouse, and procurement of office equipment.

The People’s Organization of Tuyan replaced their submersible pump and expanded the reach of its existing water system project. 

They also delved on selling purified drinking water coming from a supplier which turned out to be a profitable business venture. The officers now consider putting up its own water purifying station that will supply drinking water to the whole barangay and its adjacent villages.

The PO of Lun Masla has replaced the submersible pump for the water system that serves its coastal puroks and constructed an additional intake box for its spring development project that benefits the constituents dwelling in the upland puroks.

All the five POs also received trainings on Computer Literacy and Operations and Maintenance Enhancement. Training on plumbing was conducted in Barangays Tuyan, Lun Masla, Lumasal, and Ticulab. Having their post-harvest facilities, training on machinery trouble shooting was given to Barangays Ticulab, Maguling, Lumasal and Tuyan.

The officers and members of the people’s organizations were grateful to BDA and the MTFRDP for the economic support. 

Rufino Aguilar, PO President of Barangay Ticulab committed that their organization will take care of their projects.

“The training and the trials we experienced made our organization stronger,” said Josefina Pasignasigna, PO president of Barangay Lumasal.  “Our engagement with BDA is a stepping stone towards the development of our barangay,” she pointed out.

The PO leader of Barangay Maguling, Saguera Angkanan, said they will keep thanking BDA and the donors for the rest of their lives. “If problems will emerge, we will face it altogether so that this organization will continue to be strong and succeed,” she said in local vernacular.

Hadjinor stressed the need for continuous collaboration among the officers and members of the POs for the sustainability of their projects. 

Community Enterprise Development Officer Hermeliene Tuanadato hoped every officer and members of the organizations will do their respective tasks in service to their constituencies. She said BDA will continue in assisting the people’s organizations. 

Tuyan PO leader Nelson Darondos expressed appreciation to BDA for bringing ISA aside from the previous interventions that were already given which for him makes the agency unique compared to other development partners that came to their barangay. 

MTF is fund facility administered by the World Bank and is supported by various donors such as the European Union (EU), DFAT Australia (then AusAID), DFATD Canada (then Canadian International Development Agency), New Zealand Aid for International Development, Sweden International Development Agency, and United States Aid for International Development (USAID).

BDA determines, leads and manages relief, rehabilitation and development projects in the conflict-affected areas of Mindanao.