BLMI holds Operational Planning and Budgeting Seminar-Workshop

The Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) through the support of Philippine-Australia Human Resource and Organizational Development Facility (PAHRODF) conducted Operational Planning and Budgeting Seminar-Workshop on February 21-24, 2016 at Green Banana Hotel, Davao City.

The program aims to optimize the internal capacity of BLMI Steering Committee members and volunteers on operational planning and budgeting and other knowledge related to Human Resource Development (HRD). 

Director Sheikh Mahmod S. Ahmad led the BLMI powerhouse that has been serving the institution indefatigably with utmost commitment and dedication for the welfare of the Moro people.  

A group of resource persons and facilitators of different professions and expertise were invited by the organizer to share their knowledge and skills. Mr. Roberto C. Bastillo, a very articulate lecturer and speaker was the team leader. Mr. Bastillo was also the lead lecturer during the BLMI’s Strategic Planning Seminar-Workshop last year in Davao City. 

During the training proper, the lecturers presented the eight fundamental elements of operational plan and delved on various mechanisms of HRD, emphasized them consistently aligned with BLMI strategic plan and anchoring on its Vision, Mission and Goals (VMG’s).

Lectures and workshop and coaching sessions were described by some peers as hyperactivity, yet Knowledge-generated training where the BLMI Officers wer eable to acquire much knowledge, appurtenance and add-on applications in its capacity-building endeavor. 

Viable concepts of operations and budgeting through doable policies, systems and processes were articulated throughout the session. The lecturers also highlighted the different approaches in operational and financial management as well as resources generation and sustainability. The concept of Critical Path Method (CPM) and Project Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) was also emphasized.

The BLMI Officers and volunteers demonstrated their eagerness and inclination to learn new knowledge and their readiness to adopt appropriate mechanisms to enable the BLMI response effectively and efficiently as capacity-building institution for Bangsamoro emerging leaders and managers.   

Executive Director Ahmad in his closing message expressed his profoundest gratitude to Australian- AID through thru the PARODF for the financial and technical assistance extended unwaveringly to the institution and the Bangsamoro people, to the resource persons and PAHRODF Officers for the knowledge imparted and time spent for the capacity enhancement program.

Ms. Maria Theresa Sarona, PAHRODF Officer also expressed her appreciation to BLMI Management and its dynamic personnel for being responsive to its thematic thrust. “Inclusive peace and development, economic growth and governance are among the Aus-AID and PAHRODF offerings”, she said. 

In sharing its realistic view to current undertakings and scenarios, the BLMI has subscribed and adhered to layman’s view that the Bangsamoro problem is a Political problem where other problems simply attached to it. Hence it needs a calibrating response through various legitimate means of appropriate approaches such as peace-building endeavor through negotiations that will ultimately serve as catalyst for long lasting peace and development in Bangsamoro Homeland.