SWC holds General Assembly, gives awards to outstanding committees

The Social Welfare Committee of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (SWC-MILF) held its General Assembly at Dungguan, M’lang, North Cotabato last February 21 attended by about 700 women across North Cotabato who witnessed the awarding ceremony of outstanding municipalities. Representatives from the MILF Central Committee also attended and delivered their respective messages.

Kabacan I bagged the Most Outstanding Report award followed by M’lang on the second spot and Matalam landed on the third place.

Matalam made its way up as it grabbed the first place in monthly fee collection with M’lang and Kabacan I landed on the second and third spots, respectively.

M’lang did not lose hope as it seized the first place in Widow and Rehabilitation committees for Best in Performance while Matalam grabbed the second spot in Widow Committee followed by Kabacan I on the third place.

Kabacan I boosted its self-esteem as it took the second place in Best in Performance for Rehabilitation and Kidapawan got the third place.

The crowd made way for Matalam as it was declared best in Tarbiyyah and Da’wah followed by Mlang and Kabacan II as second bests in Tarbiyyah and Gaunan as second place winner in Da’wah.

A turning-over of duties and responsibilities followed with the incumbent chairperson who served the committee for 10 years handing over her position to the newly elected chairperson.

An ‘aleema’ ( a learned Muslim woman) from the  Da’wah National Committee discussed “Asbabul Najah”, while another officer of Tarbiyyah National Committee emphasized three things to obey and another three to disobey.

“Asbabul Najah” refers to the guidelines on how to pass the tests when a person wants to enter “jannah” or paradise.

Many other speakers highlighted the program. They were from the Rehabilitation committee and Health Committee

Barangay Captain of Dungguan, Mohammad Sagadan, showed his support as he welcomed the participants.

SWC is a social working committee of Bangsamoro Women with the following functions: Executive, Tarbiyyah, Da’wah, Rehabilitation, Home Economics, Health, Widow, Census and Survey and Human Resources Development.