CHaPC & PMNQ hold 36th Provincial Qur’an Reading Competition

The Community Halal Producers Cooperative (CHaPC) and the Provincial Markaz Nurol Qur’an (PMNQ) hosted the 36th Provincial Qur’an Reading Competition on February 13, 2016 at the Princetown Unity Center, Kayaga, Kabacan, North Cotabato. It started with a   recitation of verses from the Noble Qur’an.

The welcome address and presentation of participants was made by Mr. Toto D. Laguialaot, the current president of Provincial Markaz Nurol Qur’an. In his message, he is thankful and so blessed that the activity is conducted in his place. He likewise expressed his gratitude to the participants and those that attended the competition as a show of interest and enthusiasm.

He also thanks the efforts of his close friends who helped a lot in preparing the meals and for assisting the conduct of the activity. He considered the activity as a challenge for himself and the participants as another journey towards enhancing their skills.

The opening remarks were given by Shiekh Ali Angkad, the Chairperson of Provincial Shiekhol Quran, followed by a short talk by the Chairperson of North Cotabato Provincial Political Committee. They were also delightful for the conduct of the program and expressed appreciation to the organizers.

Shiekh Ibrahim Indian- Vice Chairperson of the Sounil Qur’an Alkarim Central Committee was the guest speaker who also expressed appreciation to the organizers. He explained the present committee structure and the general guidelines of the Sounil Qur’an that needs to be followed in the operation of the markaz.

He also emphasized the policies of the committees from barangay level up to the regional committee level. “Proper coordination and documentation are necessary in order to achieve sequential operation and meet the desired quality for the institution”, he said.

 The Qur’an reading contest is one way to motivate and encourage students to do their very best how to read, recite and understand the meaning of the verses that they read.  
The competition was participated in by 12 contestants in North Cotabato composed of 6 females and 6 males. The contenders picked a number that serves as their identity. They’re not called by their names but by the number they had picked.

 This is to avoid “favoritism” or bias in judging. Each of them was allotted 6 minutes to perform the best of their best. The 11 judges were trained well and had attended series of seminars on judging.
During the competition, the judges were consigned in a separate area so that they cannot distinguish the contenders. It was a live coverage through “ICOM” with the help of friends from Bangsamoro Communication Network (BCN) in the area.

The audience was estimated at about 200 who hailed from different municipalities of North Cotabato including expert judges from Cotabato City. National and international Qur’an reading competitors also attended to witness the competition. Ustadz Samirudin Bandila, a Hafiz (reciter of the Qur’an verses) was the facilitator of the activity.

The luckiest contenders were: Al-karie Alimudin Abdulkadir , Champion with an average of 91.60%; and Zulaika Sangki with an average of 87%. They are the representatives of the Provincial Markaz of North Cotabato this coming February 27, 2016 for the regional level competition.

The program shows that the efforts rendered by small group contributed a lot for the betterment of our Deen (principles). Everyone was encouraged to participate in advocacies for our faith not to criticize otherwise they will end up hypocrites.