KPI holds Focus Groups Discussion on Bangsamoro’s RSD

DATU IBRAHIM PAGLAS MEMORIAL COLLEGE (April 22, 2016)- As a way of strengthening the participation of the youth in the current democratic struggle of the Bangsamoro people, the Kalilintad  Peacebuilding Institute (KPI) held a focus group discussion on issues and concerns to sustain Bangsamoro’s  struggle for right to self-determination (RSD).

Ustadz Abusama Abad, Head of Secondary Department of Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College and member of KPI Board of Trustees, emphasized the role of the youth in participating in a democratic struggle.

“The youth play a big role in asserting the rights of the Bangsamoro in pursuing their struggle towards right to-self-determination. It is the youth who can help change the status and  advocate for the establishment of a Bangsamoro Region”, Abad said.

Abdulaziz Talib, Administrative Officer of Eastern Kutawato Islamic Institute Inc., said that, “The youth are the vanguard of Bangsamoro’s political struggle for justice, peace and development to prevail in Moro ancestral homeland.

“Your participation in the political struggle is the key towards good governance, because you compose the majority in the community”, he added.

Mudricka Haron, Chairman of Youth Religious Sector told the youth that they must join hand-in-hand to establish peaceful communities.

“As youth, you must struggle for peaceful and better community by joining the Bangsamoro struggle for right to self-determination”, he said.

Mujahid Bazuned, a youth leader said, “The news that says that it was not only Philippine lawmakers who opposed the non-passage of BBL, but also some ARMM legislators and provincial leaders.   

Esmael A. Abdula, Executive Director of Kalilintad Peacebuilding Institute Inc. (KPI) and BLMI Steering Committee Member, explained briefly “Path to Peace: “ The stages of Bangsamoro political struggle for right to self-determination since 1946 up to the present.

“Bangsamoro political struggle is based on the legitimate grievances of the Bangsamoro for the injustices committed against them. Our brighter future as Bangsamoro lies on the success of our struggle”, Abdula said.

“As you have learned, the BBL failed to pass in Congress due to various reasons such as biases and prejudices, vested political interest and perhaps religious reason. Your need to choose a political leader who has the will, courage and determination to provide brighter future for Bangsamoro youth”, Abdula added.

He emphasized that the youth should maximize their efforts in upholding Bangsamoro rights to gain back their long lost freedom.

In response, youth leader emotionally said that they would not elect candidates who are opposed to the passage of proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL).

“We categorically say that we will elect candidates who can help us pursue the struggle of the Bangsamoro”, a youth leader said.

About fifty youth leaders from different organizations attended the focus group discussion.