Gensan Muslim individuals, groups invited to join actions to address Moro concerns

An alliance of Moro organizations invites Muslim individuals and groups to join in its efforts that will address issues affecting the Moro communities in General Santos (Gensan) City.

In its special meeting held on Sunday (April 17), the Bangsamoro Advisory Council (BAC), a consortium of Moro associations based in Gensan urged any concerned Muslims or Moro organizations to help in the BAC’s advocacies and actions geared to resolve the predicaments of Moro communities in town.

One of the major concerns of Muslim constituents of the city which the alliance sees need to be given immediate action is the absence of public Muslim cemetery.
Poverty, involvement in the proliferation of drugs, transactions with Riba (interest), vices, discrimination, lack of prayer areas in public establishments (hospitals, terminal, schools), lack of awareness on Halal by groceries and restaurants, and absence of Islamic financing institutions are among the major issues the BAC wants to resolve.

After the May 9 elections, the alliance will hold workshop to craft short term and long term plans to be participated by its current and would be members.

The city government has already pledged five million pesos for the purchase of the land to be developed into Muslim cemetery during the incumbency of then Mayor Darlene Antonino.

Establishing public Muslim cemetery is one of the priority projects of the incumbent mayor, Ronnel Rivera, during his administration.

The BAC saw the need for collaboration between the local government of the city and the Muslim constituents for the realization of the proposed project.

BCA convenor Ahmad Bello hopes some concerned Moro leaders or groups will join the alliance because there are still problems faced by the Muslim residents of Gensan.

Moro tribes comprise one-tenth of the town’s population. The Maguindanaon and the Blaans, one of Mindanao’s un-Islamized indigenous people, are the original inhabitants of the city.
Other Moro tribes such as the Maranao, Tausug, Yakan, Sangir, Kaagan, and Badjao were among the migrants of Gensan.