Islamic call and guidance holds annual general meeting

DATU PAGLAS, MAGUINDANAO (11 APRIL 2016) ----- Strengthening organizational responsibility, the Islamic Call and Guidance based in Mindanao held annual general meeting with the theme “Responsibility, Perfection and Sincerity towards strengthening organization” as series of propagating Islamic Teachings in the communities.

“If you are a member of this organization of Islamic Call and Guidance, you are committed to serve Allah and propagate Islam in the communities”, said Sheikh Khalifah P. Nando, a founder and former President of Eastern Kutawato Islamic Institute.

“Being Islamic propagator is a life-time responsibility. Likewise, propagation and struggle are inseparable responsibility in life”, Nando added.

He emphasized that patience in propagating Islam is the best tool of a propagator.

UstadzAbusama Abad, Secondary Department Head of Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College and KPI- Kalilintad Peacebuilding Institute Inc. Board of Trustees, shared updates on BBL.

“BBL is an implementing political solution based on the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB), but it was failed to pass due to numerous reasons such as prejudice, discrimination, wealth, self-interest, absenteeism and lack of quorum on the part of legislators who are opposing the BBL,” he said.

“MILF is sustaining its political struggle to preserve peace gains of the peace process with the Government of the Philippines, “Abad added.

Hisham S. Nando, president of Eastern Kutawato Islamic Institute and the same time BLMI Steering Committee member, emphasized that Islamic propagation is the foundation of struggle to ‘Right to Self-Determination.’

“Struggle is our responsibility to Islamize the societies. We have no option but to strengthen our Islamic propagation,” he said.

Montasir Ali, Chairman of Islamic Call and Guidance, stressed that propagator of Islam is a doctor who determines and cures the people’s ailment.

“Propagator should not stop propagating Islam and he must establish good relation not only to good people but also to religiously negligent people,” he said.

“We will continue convincing those who are neglectful of religious responsibility. By doing so, we will exert our efforts such as body, mind, connection and money to strengthen our organization and Islamize the societies,” he supplemented.

About four hundred Islamic propagators from the provinces of Maguindanao, Sultan Kudarat and North Cotabato attended the general meeting.