UBJP, PolCom-Sultan Kudarat Province hold Provincial Assembly for Bangsamoro Peace and Security

United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP) and the Political Committee (PolCom) of Sultan Kudarat Province held Provincial Assembly for Bagsamoro Peace and Security at Ma’had Lambayong Al-Islamie, Lambayong, Sultan Kudarat on March 27, 2016, participated by more than 800 people from different sectors of Lambayong Municipality and nearby municipalities.

In his opening remarks, the Provincial Chairman of PolCom Daguma Province encouraged the participants to listen well for it may help them boost their ima’an (faith) and for better understanding of the Bangsamoro struggle”. 

Pilo Samal, CEO UBJP-Lambayong acknowledged the participating organizations and agencies and extended his gratitude for attending the first Provincial Assembly.

“We follow the same policy as what we did in Sarangani that there will be no politicians or politics involve in our program. I am glad that we followed this policy here”, said Muhaimen “Jam” Mambao, UBJP Provincial Secretary during his presentation of the overview of the program.

“This program was planned in just 7 days and we did it well”, he added.

The Brigade Commander of 106th Base Command who is overwhelmed for the holding of the program said, “It’s been a long time that there was an activity like this in Lambayong”.

 He also said that he was a young man when he first participated in an activity in Lambayong before.

“I am old in the Bangsamoro struggle but it is the first time I am speaking before you with Mohagher Iqbal, our UBJP Vice Chairman for Southern Mindanao by my side”, he said with teary eyes.

He repeatedly said that we should plant today so that the next generation will harvest and benefits from our effort; we work for it not for us but for the generations to come.

The Chairman of Committee on Dawah of MILF Central Committee gave emphasis on the importance of consultations, for it makes better understanding.

He also encouraged every leader to produce a good leader as he said, “A good leader should produce more good leaders and if not he is not an effective leader.”

“BBL is just a tool, whether there is BBL or not our struggle will continue” he added.

He also said that we should not forget salah (prayer) in everything we do, we had to seek love of Allah for He governs whatever we do.

Iqbal explained the current status of Bangsamoro struggle for the right to self determination. 

Addressing those who were frustrated for the non-passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) by the 16th Congress, Iqbal said, “The non-passage of BBL is not the end of the peace process”.

He urged them to strengthen the unity of Bangsamoro people, not just Muslims but also the indigenous people and settlers because UBJP is for all whether you are Muslims, IPs or settlers.

“We should also strengthen MILF because it is the backbone of Bangsamoro struggle to self-determination”, he added.

“Uniting Bangsamoro people is one of the objectives in creating UBJP”, said Iqbal as he ended his speech and entertained questions from the participants.

Qurais Langkap, CEO UBJP Sultan Kudarat thanked all the people who supported and attended the activity, among others, the Provincial Police Force (PPF), PolCom, UBJP and to the people who found time  in attending the activity. 

Langcao also expressed his thanks to the Lambayong PNP for securing the area.