Halal certifier provides seminar to hotels to help boost Philippine Halal tourism

A Halal certifying body has been providing seminar on Halal to select establishments in major cities in the country in an effort to increase the number of Muslim-friendly facilities that could help boost tourism.

Jun Macarambon of Halal International Chamber of Commerce and Industries of the Philippines, Inc. (HICCIPI) said there are 16 out of the 50 target establishments that are now Halal certified.

HICCIPI has been tapped by the Philippine Halal Tourism Project of the Department of Tourism and National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) to educate target establishments on Halal and issue Halal certification to those who can comply with the requirements for Halal certification

Macarambon said the increase the number of Halal certified facilities can attract more Muslim tourists from around the globe. 

He pointed out that with more Halal-certified establishments like hotels, resorts, restaurants and even health facilities, Muslims from abroad who want to visit or explore the tourist destinations of the country will not be facing difficulty on where to stay or dine.

Macarambon also said that Halal-certified establishments shall give opportunity to Muslim job seekers to get hired.

Halal is Arabic term which means permissible. Islam teaches Muslims to consume only Halal foods and drinks.

Consumables can be considered Halal if it is clean, free from porcine (pork) derivatives, alcohol, blood or any substance that can be harmful to health.

At present there are three Halal certifiers in the country which are accredited with the NCMF namely HICCIPI, Mindanao Halal Authority and MUSLIM Mindanao Halal Certification Board. 

The agency is mandated to promote and develop the Philippine Halal Industry and accredit halal-certifying entities/bodies for the utmost benefit of Muslim Filipinos and in partnership or cooperation with appropriate agencies, individuals and institutions here and abroad.