Bangsamoro Justice-Seekers for Martial Law Massacre Victims

We, the members of the Bangsamoro Justice-Seekers for Martial Law Massacre Victims, a community of victims, survivors, and descendants of the horrendous bloody massacres committed in Mindanao during the Martial Law administration of the President Ferdinand Marcos make known our unequivocal position.

Thousands of victims including women, children, old people were put to death mercilessly by government forces, among which were those massacred in Manili, North Cotabato (70 dead) in 1971, Tacub, Kauswagan, Lanao del Norte  (140), in Alamada, North Cotabato (73) in 1971, Magsaysay, Lanao del Norte (66) in 1971, Kisulon, Bukidnon (67) in 1971, Buldon, Maguindanao 960) in 1971, Malisbung, Palimbang, Sultan Kudarat (1,000+) in 1973, Patikul, Sulu (700+) in 1977, and Pata Island in Sulu (2,000+) in 1981.

Because of these blood in the hands of the Marcoses, we strongly express our most avowed disapproval of the candidacy for Vice President of the late dictator’s son and namesake, Sen. Ferdinand “Bong Bong” R. Marcos, Jr.

In support to statements previously issued by the other victims of Martial Law, we fiercely deplore the guiltless stance and refusal of Sen. Bong Bong Marcos to recognize the atrocities and destruction inflicted by his father’s tyranny against our people.

As his father before him ruined lives and communities in the South, the most memorable of which was the exploitation of the Moro soldiers through a clandestine military operation resulting in the covered-up Jabidah Massacre on the March 18, 1968, Sen. Bong Bong Marcos committed a massacre of his own by butchering the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in the Halls of Senate.

Sen. Bong Bong Marcos even brazenly announced the death of the BBL, branding it as a foolish attempt at peace, which consequently killed the hopes and dreams of the Moro people. His apathy and proven disinterest in achieving real and lasting peace in Mindanao gravely debilitate and put to waste the concerted efforts of concerned stakeholders in the decades-old peace processes in the country.

Let us not take this hard-earned freedom and democracy for granted. Let us never allow ourselves, our loved ones, and the future generation to once again be subjected and succumb to similar oppression and injustices that have experienced in the hands of the Marcoses.

With all our might, we will oppose the candidacy of Bong Bong Marcos to the vice presidency. Never again to the helm of power in this country!



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Mambai Edon Sapalon