UNYPAD 6th General Assembly kicks-off with the president’s State of the Youth Address

Pikit Cotabato -- Day 1 of the UNYPAD’s 6th General Assembly on April 29 in Pikit Central Elementary School, Pikit, North Cotabato started with more than eight hundred officers from different parts of the Philippines in attendance. 

This year’s them “Youth Empowerment: The Best Step Towards Building a Peaceful and Progressive Nation” is reflected with the experiences of the organization in many faces of support to the GPH - MILF peace process as well as the important role its officers and members will play during the transition period.

Ustadz Abdulkarim Muntok opened the program by reading of some Qur’anic verses.

Hon. Pikit Mayor Muyhyryn Sultan-Casi in her welcome address thanked UNYPAD for choosing her municipality as the venue for the historic gathering.

Highlight of the assembly was the delivery of the State of the Youth Address (SOYA) by Dr. Rahib L. Kudto who presented the accomplishments of the organization anchored on its programs and services.

“Under this gloomy hour of the GPH-MILF peace process, we will never give space to some bad elements that would try to destroy our unity and firmness to stand against the wrongdoers and oppressors and never give them the chance to weaken our resolve to fight for our rights, honor, dignity and freedom”, he said.

“Let us safeguard the gains of the peace process and never let the peace saboteurs sneak them before our eyes. We will continue to assert the implementation of the CAB as it is the cornerstone of peace in Mindanao. The BBL was not passed but the discussion in Congress can be a solid foundation on which the 17th Congress can build. The support of international community to the peace process, the establishment of different mechanisms, trust and confidence built between the government and the MILF, among others, are things that we will not lose”, he added.

“We will focus our work for the next two years in advocating the passage of the BBL in the 17th Congress, guard our young people from the influence of violent extremism, continue to capacitate our officers and members, and muster our strengths to help respond to the needs of our communities, he articulated.

Day 2 of the assembly is focused on the delivery of messages from visitors mostly members of the international community while day 3 will be the adoption of the Bangsamoro youth declaration urging the GPH to fully implement the CAB and pass the BBL in the 17th Congress.