SouthMin Moro women leaders join training on Strategic Thinking

To further enhance their leadership capability towards strengthening their respective organizations, select Moro women leaders from Southern Mindanao (SouthMin), mostly local officers of the United Bangsamoro Justice Party (UBJP), joined the Strategic Thinking Training held at T’boli Hotel in General Santos City on April 23-26, 2016.

The activity was organized by the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) and Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue with support from the European Union.

The participants learned the process on Strategic Thinking, a mechanism that guides them towards coming up with effective plans in line with their organizational objectives.

Cris Guialal from, Executive Assistant II from the BTC and Langcap Quraysh, Provincial Executive Officer of the UBJP-Sultan Kudarat, handled the lecture-workshop.

The two facilitators introduced the TEC PISCO (Target, Expand, Contract, Purpose, Input, Strategy, Code, Incentive and Perception) and the PMI (Plus, Minus, Interesting), two approaches used in making plan of action for whatever endeavour the group may pursue.

Guialal cited the importance of critical thinking taking into consideration various factors that should be considered in crafting plan.

He said strategic thinking is applicable in decision making for the organization, family or personal.

 BTC Chair Mohagher Iqbal shared some inputs discussing the factors that contribute to strengthening the organization. 

He cited the importance of adhering to the mission and vision of the organization and crafting concrete plan of action.

Iqbal also underscored the significance of concerted efforts of the officers and members of the organization in executing plans in order to achieve the group’s goal.

Established in 2014, UBJP is a “principled” political party that serves as vehicle in initiating “social movement” that is hoped to bring change to the lives of the Bangsamoro people.

Through UBJP, the Bangsamoro people will be engaged in democratic political process once the autonomous Bangsamoro entity will be established through the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law.