Tungawan Ulama Council sponsors series of Islamic Symposium during Holy Month of Ramadan

The Tungawan Ulama Council (TUC) Inc. in partnership with Islamic Unity Propagation Institute (IUPI) sponsored and hosted series of Islamic symposia during the Holy Month of Ramadan. 

The “Shah’ru Ramadan Al- Mubarak series of symposium with the theme, RAMADAN: Finally the Month that makes you realize, “It’s not the Devil, It’s your Nafs” (Soul) were conducted every Saturday and Sunday since Ramadan began this year and held at IUPI Madrasa at Catulan, Tigbanuang- Zamboanga- Sibugay province. 

The participants that include some from nearby barangays and municipalities attended to listen and avail of the Islamic knowledge shared by the resource persons mostly Ulama (Islamic Scholars) who tacked various topics on Islam, about Ramadhan and the benefits of Fasting (Abstention). 

The participation and involvement of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Provincial Political Committee and its line agencies in Zamboanga- Sibugay played important role by providing technical assistance in a bid to enhance participants understanding of their Islamic faith-Islam.

Ustadz Esmail Mamiscal and Mr. Darwin Matindo, Civil Society Organization (CSO) Focal persons were among the facilitators.

Among the resource persons invited on July 2 Symposium was Mr. Tirso S. Tahir of Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI). He lectured on “Islamic Leadership in line with Bangsamoro struggle”

In his lecture, Mr. Tahir emphasized first the divine concept and principles of Leadership in Islam. He cited the verse in Noble Qur’an as followed; 

“It is He Who hath made you (His) agents, inheritors of the earth: He hath raised you in ranks, some above others: that He may try you in the gifts He hath given you: for thy Lord is quick in punishment: yet He is indeed Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful”.- Al-Qur'an, 6.165 (Al-Anaam)

Tahir also quoted some Hadiths of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) related to Leadership as:  “Behold! Every one of you is a leader and you shall be asked about those you lead. The Ruler is a leader over the people and shall be asked about them; a man is a leader of the house and shall be asked about his household; a woman is a leader over her children and she shall be asked about them.” (Reported Abdullah Ibn Omar in Bukhari and Muslim)

The rise and fall of Muslim society and nations depend much on its leaders’ qualities and commitment. The leaders’ competency, integrity and level of faith as well as the obedience of its populace to the rule of law both secular and religious obligations are among the most determinant factors of its success and failure, Tahir stressed. 

Tahir also narrated the causes and effects of the Bangsamoro struggle as well as how the Moro leaders and liberation movements courageously defended the Moro Identity, Rights and Faith since the time of conquests up to the present. The Bangsamoro problem in Mindanao is a political problem and can only be resolved through Political settlement through the signed Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) Tahir said. 

Similar symposiums were also conducted in Amil’s Tower Hotel, Zamboanga City and in island provinces under the sponsorship of Moro Religious Leaders (MRO’s) with active partnership and support from Moro business owners and residents in the areas.