Kabacan Moro residents learn to give, not to take during Ramadan 

On June 24, 2015, more than a hundred Islam Believers broke their fast at Masjid Salam,  Laguialaot Compound, Kayaga, Kabacan, North Cotabato through the initiative of a local committee of the Masajid led by Toto Laguialaot.

As agreed by the local committee, every member is scheduled as one of the sponsors for iftar or breaking of fast at dusk.  This was the agreement reached by the committee but there is no demand for a particular kind of food. During this month of sacrifice, they voluntarily share and offer even what is rightfully theirs. This is how one Islam believer acts and ought to do during this blessed month. 

Charity and generosity is especially urged during Ramadan as such the residents learned to give, and not to take. The deprivation of fasting makes them sympathized with the suffering of others, and desirous of alleviating it as it makes them remember the blessings of life which are normally taken for granted.

Fasting in Islam is not merely refraining from eating and drinking, but from every kind of selfish desire and wrong-doings. The fast is not merely of the body, but essentially that of the spirit as well.

Acquiring patience and strong will, Allah has mentioned patience more than seventy times in the Noble Qur’an and has commanded patience in more than sixteen ways in His Book. So when one fasts, and gives one's food and drink, refrains from marital sexual relations during those hours when it is forbidden, one learns restraint and patience. 

The Ummah (community) needs men and women that are strong willed, who can stand upon the Sunnah and the Book of Allah and not waver in front of the enemies of Allah. We do not need emotional people, who just raise slogans and shout, but when the time comes to stand upon something firm, they cannot do so, they waver.

Several activities are also being performed in Masjid Salam like Qur’an reading, Tahajud Prayers and orientation about Ramadhan. 

Hafiz Samirudin A. Bandila led the Qur’an reading in several times as the Noble Qur’an is revealed during the blessed month of Ramadan. Ustadz Norodin Makasasa and Hussain Musa spoke on the Essence of Ramadan and Tahajud (Midnight) Prayer. 

When one reads a single Arabic Alphabet during Ramadan it is equivalent to ten points reward from the Almighty Creator. 

The local committee of Masajid expressed their thanks to the donors and sponsors of the Ramadan event. Special thanks were also extended to their friends from UAE-UOB member who sent a One (1) big box of processed Dates.