Muslim students org invites Bangsamoro youth for Mindanao-wide Ramadhan Camp 

A Muslim students organization invites Bangsamoro tertiary students from all over Mindanao to participate in the 5th Ramadhan Camp 2016 with the theme “Muslim Youth: Today's Emblem for a Better Ummah (Community)”, to be held at Notre Dame of Marbel University in Koronadal City this July 2-3.

Organized by Muslim Students Organization (MSO) – Notre Dame of Marbel University, the annual event aims to foster unity and inspire fellow Muslim youth in the different regions of the country of their role as students and followers of Islamic faith as well.

MSO started hosting Ramadhan Camp from school-wide to region-wide. With hope that such noble activity will be emulated in other parts of Mindanao, the organizers decided to invite Muslim youth from outside Region 12.

The encampment further aims on enriching and strengthening the hearts, minds and bodies of the students, which specifically aspires on inspiring the Muslim youth and by promoting awareness about their position in performing Da’wah and as a young Muslim in the community. 

MSO believes that the goals of the activity can be achieved through Deen (religious) education, reflection, arts and crafts, strong enforcement of separation of male and female, team work, and by worshipping the Almighty in congregation at one place that will transpire in the said event.

As an organization aiming and striving for excellence, the Muslim student body received the Most Outstanding Organization Award in the University Gawad ng Parangal, and on the Short-listed Ten Accomplished Youth Organizations, MSO was among the Top 30 out of 365 Youth Organizations in the Philippines.

Fasting during the blessed month of Ramadhan is one of the five pillars of Islam. Muslims also take the opportunity to pray more, meditate, reflect, increase sharing of their blessings to the needy, read the Holy Qur’an and learn Islamic knowledge through participating in Da’wah activities and listening to lectures of Ulama over radio.

In observing fasting, Muslims refrain from eating, drinking and engaging in carnal acts from dawn till sunset. 

Fasting also serves as training for Muslims to practice self-restraint, thus overcoming his personal desires and avoiding committing sins.