Lujnatol Khadamat Al-Ijtimaiyyah and bawordo hold summer Youth Camp 2016

The Lujnatol Khadamat Al-ijtimaiyyah in partnership with Bangsamoro Women Organization of Davao Oriental (BAWORDO) held the 2nd Summer Youth Camp 2016 on May 24-28, with a theme: "CHANGE: A PROCESS, NOT AN EVENT, IT IS NOT A DESTINATION, BUT A JOURNEY". The 5-day activities provided significant impact to the lives of the 126 participants from various municipalities of Davao Oriental.

About 20 youth participants from each group registered with SYC Oversight Committee Chair Ustaza Jamela Tiana Sugaran with the assistance of other group members. 

The SYC also showcased the different skills and talents of the participants and as they also mingled with other youth participants. The SYC facilitators challenged the participant to become holistically prepared as they may become future leaders of the Bangsamoro community.

A first time participant from Mati, Davao Oriental gladly said that after the activity she gained many friends, wisdom and makes her faith in Allah stronger.

BTC Commissioner Hussein Munoz said during the last day of the program that, "The Youth is said to be the catalyst of change. It is the hope of changing and bringing progress and this is your role as youth. Those who cannot change themselves cannot change anything for change starts from our own selves, from bad to good and from good to the best. So you must help, cooperate in all programs in the communities for the transformative changes of the Bangsamoro and our struggle to ensure bright future of the people as a whole. 

Other guests were the Provincial SubCom Head of Da'wah and Trabiyyah,  Ustadz Athar Piligrin a Municipal Imam , Usadz Mahad Sasang, President of GUIOMIYYAH-LUPON, Mohammer Lomoos, Hon. Mayor Adalia Lopez Tambuang of Municipality of Banay-banay, Davao Oriental.

Each participant went home filled with joy and learnings, looking forward to the next summer camp.