BDA-CenMin RMO invites individuals, families and organizations to upcoming 29th MBD 

The Regional Management Office (RMO) of Bangsamoro Development Agency-Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) invited individuals, families and organizations in Cotabato City and neighboring localities to be part of the upcoming 29th Muslims Blood Donation (MBD) to be conducted on May 29, 2016 at RM Office located in # 23 Jasmin Street, RH6. Cotabato City.

In a conversation via cellular phone with Nazneen Biruar-Piang, R.N, MBD Regional Coordinator, by BDA-CenMin Communication Group (ComGroup) last May 24, 2016, she said, “The invitation for this activity is being strengthened and its scope expanded to be able to maximize as much as possible the number of blood unit deposits in preparation particularly for the approaching month-long fasting month of Ramadhan where blood supply usually decreases”.

“In this regard, the BDA-CenMin is targeting a collection of at least 500 blood units”, Biruar Piang also said.

In the MBD Partners’ Meeting at RM Office dated May 25, 2015, Biruar-Piang also expressed the need of support of various stakeholders particularly healthy Muslims by sharing their blood in order meet the said target. 

Dr. Sherjan Kalim, Blood Bank Chairman of Cotabato Regional and Medical Center (CRMC) also invited the public through 99.0 Voice FM in Cotabato City on May 26, 2016 urging everyone to support the upcoming 29th MBD as part of their sincere service to anyone that needs blood.

“Our blood, which only God creates is greatly needed to serve anybody regardless of their tribe, religious, organizational and political affiliations,” Dr. Kalim emphasized. 

Badrudin Sendad, a staff of BDA-CenMin and a regular blood donor emphasized to listeners of 99.0 Voice FM that support for the 29th MBD does not only mean blood donation because anything of help to the activity will do like vehicle, food, cash, etc.

“Vehicles will be utilized to transport donors from their place of origin to the venue, while food will be for the consumption of donors, volunteers and visitors and, cash is all-encompassing kind of support for the success of MBD because it can be used for fuel of vehicles, food and all other necessary expenditures”, added Sendad. 

Amot Pulalon, MBD Assistant Regional Coordinator also said, “As part of strengthening our invitation for this activity, we expanded our invitation by including other organizations and agencies not only in Cotabato City but also in neighboring localities through hand-carried invitation letters signed by Ustaz Abdulrasheed Ambil, Regional Manager of BDA-CenMin.”  

“We are, at the same time, making other ways of inviting everyone through text brigade and by telling our family members, friends and neighbors,” Pulalon stressed.

“With the utmost commitment of donors and other concerned individuals to achieve strong unity and support in sharing their precious blood, saving lives is maximized to the strongest possible way, thus let us support the 29th MBD”, Sendad stressed.