Sarangani PLGU to help Moro communities in Halal meat production

The Provincial Government of Sarangani is going to help Muslim communities of the province in producing Halal meat through dispersing goat and cattle next year among Moro sectoral groups like Imam, Asatidz (Madrasah teachers) and Muslim women.

The plan is part of the holistic intervention of office of the governor in a bid to help its Moro constituents through provision of support to livelihood activities.

Jennifer Kamid, project manager of Kalinaw Sarangani, a unit under the office of the governor, said they help in organizing the Imams, Asatidz and women and have them registered with concerned government agency like Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) for the groups acquire legal identity.

“Unlike before where the goats and cattle were dispersed individually, this time those will be given to the organizations that will assign someone to take care of the farm animals in small ranch-like areas,” Kamid disclosed.

She said there were many beneficiaries of animal dispersal before however mostly have not sustained the production since they would sell or slaughter those.

“Through this mechanism, the project monitoring of the provincial government will be much easier since the animals are contained in one area only,” Kamid added.

The project manager is optimistic that the project will prosper and will make Sarangani the number one producer of Halal meats in the region.

“Even locally, there is high demand for goat meat especially during Eidul Adha where there are Muslim organizations looking for supply of goat and cattle for Qurban,” she explained.

Every year, benevolent Arabs tap local Muslim organizations in the Philippines to facilitate the distribution of Qurbani meat to poor Muslims in the country.

Kamid said the implementation of the proposed livelihood assistance to Muslim communities will be facilitated by concerned provincial government entities with the support of line agencies like the Department of Agriculture.