NGOs conduct peace advocacies in Zamboanga Moro areas

Zamboanga City --- Moro non-government organizations and peace advocates in this city have been engaging Moro-dominated communities in a bid to update its residents on the GPH-MILF peace process and encourage active involvement in peace-building measures.

In a series of meetings held at Barangay Tulungatung and Baliwasan on August 28 and at Barangay Kasanyangan on August 30, BLMI, UNYPAD and SIAPAHAN joined hands in taking about the peace process and imparting leadership knowledge.

BLMI stands for Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute while UNYPAD is the United Youth for Peace and Development. SIAPAHAN is acronym for Southern Islamic Action for Prosperity and Harmony Network.

Tirso Tahir of BLMI compared Islamic and secular leadership. He told the barangay residents that secular leadership's target is self-establishment while Islamic Leadership's target is “Jannatul Firdaws” (Highest position in Paradise).

“Secular leaderships work for the respect of people. Islamic Leaderships work for the pleasure of Allah (God), ”Tahir elaborated.

Phix of UNYPAD and Maksu Magang of SIAPAHAN both encouraged the residents to exert more efforts in getting knowledge that can be applied in their daily affairs.

“If you have enough knowledgeable on such issues, you cannot be easily duped by others,” Phix said.

“Stand up for your rights and speak the truth to demonstrate and defend your inherent rights or else you will be oppressed and tyrannized,” was the message of Magang.

The BLMI and UNYPAD have been in the frontline in this city in providing capacity-building workshop and peace advocacy in the grassroots communities so that the Moro constituents are empowered and updated. ####