MSA-WMSU holds Youth Leadership Training

The Muslim Students Association (MSA)-Western Mindanao University (WMSU) Chapter in Zamboanga City conducted Youth Leadership Training on February 21, 2017 at the MSA Center, WMSU coinciding with the celebration of 7th Islam Awareness Week”.

The training was initiated and organized by MSA-WMSU chapter headed by its President Abdulmuin M. Abdulla and MSA Senior officers.

Youth leaders from MSA chapters from different schools, universities and colleges in Zamboanaga City attended the half-day activity dubbed as “Youth Leadership in Islamic perspective”. The objective of which was to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes of Muslim youth leaders that anchor on Islamic faith, values and principles.

The resource persons were from the United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) and Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI), a Moro Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) that focuses on capacity and competency building, research, community organizing, peace-building advocacy and humanitarian services in Mindanao particularly in the Bangsamoro Region.

Zulfhikar Samsaraji, UNYPAD Regional Coordinator for Western Mindanao lectured on Islamic Leadership and delved on the background of pre and post Islamic civilization during the time of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be upon Him). He also highlighted the epochal period of Islamic Golden Age while Europe was still in the Dark Age era.

Lecture on youth leadership in Islamic perspective was delivered by Tirso Tahir of BLMI. He accentuated the importance of leadership of youth sector for they are in crucial crossroad enjoying social advantage but susceptible to trials and temptations.

The youth is in the middle of critical processes in the course of acquiring essential skills, knowledge and attitude especially the urban youth who are enmeshed in racially and culturally diverse environment

where values and perspectives differ, Tahir stressed.

“Today’s youth should be the “Youth with a mission” – a mission to contribute for Islam. A youth can contribute to Islam by sharing his time, talent and money. The youth should grasp essential and adequate knowledge about Islam and make effective utilization of the time and talent given by Allah (swt)”, Tahir also said. 

“Islam takes very special care for the youth and urges youngsters to make the best use of this valuable period of their life”, Tahir further said.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) health and free time for doing good deeds” (Bukhari).

The fourth Caliph of Islam Ali ibn Abi Talib (ra) said: “There are two things which people do not recognize the greatness of until they lose them: their youth and good health.”

The MSA and other Moro Muslim youth leaders have been actively promoting the welfare and advancement of youth in school campuses and even involved in humanitarian activities outside their comfort zone  particularly to less fortunate individuals and the internally- displaced persons (IDP’s).

Hafeez Idris, MSA-WMSU Senior Officer, together with his peers facilitated the program with the support of Macarthur Jamsuri of UNYPAD. Both are active in youth organizing efforts.