UYAG, KPI conduct Balik Madrasah Program

DATU PAGLAS--The United Youth Action Group (UYAG) with the support of Kalilintad Peacebuilding Institute Inc. (KPI) conducted one-day meeting with Barangay Damalusay Officials and parents to discuss the sustainability of Balik-Madrasah Program last October 16, 2016 at Markadz Al-Qusoor, Damalusay, DatuPaglas, Maguindanao.

 "This meeting aims to strengthen our commitment of support for the sustainability of Balik-Madrasah Program. We want our children to have continuous access to quality education so that they will not go astray and have better lives. Therefore, we have to work hard to cater to their needs for their holistic development" UYAG President Esmael U. Sema said.

 "We need to emphasize to them the essence of acquiring knowledge and guide them to become future leaders and productive citizens of our homeland", Sema added.
"Seeking knowledge is obligatory for all Muslims" quoting Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to have said.

 "My dear parents, we gathered here to build strong relationship and unity between and among us to support the Balik- Madrasah Program. This program is the initiative of our youth so it can contribute to the development of our Madrasah Education and our community. Our office is fully supportive of this program”, said Damalusay Barangay Captain Usman Mando Guiwan.

 "Our Municipal Office is supportive of this initiative. Our youth plays vital role in building peaceful community. Let us educate our youth so that they cannot commit evil deeds. Moreover, the municipal office is planning to conduct 'youth awareness program on the prevention of drug addiction' so that our youth will not get into drug use and addiction"' emphasized Municipal Councilor Saidali Akmad.

 "I am very thankful to our parents, barangay officials, especially to the youth who initiated this meeting. Your valuable time spent for this meeting is very important because you have shared with us good ideas that will support Balik- Madrasah Program", said Mohamad Sema, President of Markaz Al- Qusoor.

Balik- Madrasah Program is a series of educational programs initiated by United Youth Action Group (UYAG) in partnership with Student Body Council of Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College.

The program aims at helping the youth to have access to quality education, specifically those attending Madrasah Education and encourage communities to participate in the development of Madrasah Education Program.

Prof. Esmael A. Abdula Executive Director of Kalilintad Peacebuilding Institute Inc. (KPI) encouraged officers and members of UYAG to continue these noble activities. It is a great help to Bangsamoro students who are enrolled in Islamic Education,

Prof Abdula stressed that, “Our Madaris (Islamic Institutions) are in dire need of support  from the NGO’s,  PO’s and individual who have a golden heart as this will be our humble contribution to our Madrasah students. We ask Allah to give His blessing to every one of us while in this word and the day hereafter.

About 200 participants comprising youth, religious institution, local political leaders and parents attended the meeting.