Provincial Training Heads commit continuous support to BDA

The Provincial Training Heads of BDA-CenMin expressed their commitment of continuing support to Bangsamoro Development Agency-Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) during the Trainers’ General Meeting held at Jasmin Street, Rosary Heights 6, Cotabato City last Thursday, December 1, 2016, Zuhaira Mangansakan, Information Communication and Learning Officer of BDA-CenMin said.

Expression of continuing commitment of support symbolized their unconditional dedication and strong volunteerism to help the BDA in its development interventions for the Bangsamoro and other concerned stakeholders in conflict- affected areas in Mindanao (CAAM), added Mangansakan.

In an interview by BDA-CenMin Communication Group (ComGroup) with Nadheer S. Esmael, Regional Training Head of BDA-CenMin, said, “This meeting was held with the aim in view of refreshing the commitment of continuing support of the Pool of Trainers of BDACenMin along with its mandates – to determine, lead and manage relief, rehabilitation and development in conflict- affected areas in Mindanao (CAAM).

Further, this meeting was participated not only by the provincial training heads but also by selected trainers of Regional Management Office of BDA-CenMin, added Esmael.

Their participation showed their continuing strong band of unity and loyalty to the leadership of BDA-CenMin and BDA-Central Management Office, in general, Esmael pointed out.

Abdulrasheed Ambil, Regional Manager of BDA-CenMin in his final message expressed his strong determination to sustain the development interventions of BDA to empower the Bangsamoro and other concerned community stakeholders.

In this regard, a pool of trainers of the agency is highly needed for it is in the forefront of BDA’s noble-purpose engagement, concluded Ambil.