ZC Religious Group holds forum and advocacy on Peace and Unity

Zamboanga City Religious group and their affiliates held series of forum and advocacies on Peace and Unity recently. The activity was first held at Masjid Awwal on November 11 at Rarangay Recodo. 

The objective of the activities are to raise public awareness on the significance of peace and unity among Moros from diverse affiliations and professions to pave the way for achieving viable peace and inclusive growth in the Moro areas. 

Resource speakers from different Moro Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s) such as the Bangsamoro Leadership and Management Institute (BLMI) in partnership with United Youth for Peace and Development (UNYPAD) and Southern Islamic Action for Peace Network (SIAPAHAN) took turns in presenting and discussing their respective topics to the delight of the participants. 

The Moro legitimate struggle and the gains of peace process were the centerpiece of the advocacy that viewed as vital elements in attaining genuine peace and development in Mindanao. 

In his opening message, Imam Omar Alip, head of local Da’wah emphasized the significance of peace advocacy in every Moro community where people are properly informed and updated on the current tract of the peace agreement forged between Philippines Government (GPH) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF).

 For their part the resource speakers delivered their lectures that were very informative and posed contributing factors in peace-building endeavor. 

On November 16, another community engagement was held where Moro village leaders from different Moro dominated barangays attended the forum at Barangay Kasanyangan in Zamboanga City. 

Tirso Tahir of BLMI reminded and encouraged the Moro Community leaders to exert more efforts in peace advocacy and other information-drive campaign that necessary in sustaining the atmosphere of peace and unity in their respective communities.

Another Peace forum was also held at Barangay Cawit Mosque on November 18. The Moro village leaders hosted and organized the half-day program that centered on the current state of the GPH-MILF Peace agreement and its approaches with other stakeholders in the pursuit of inclusive peace and development in Mindanao. 

These series of activities were facilitated by BLMI with active participation of other Moro NGO’s and Moro Community leaders through the spirit of self-reliance, volunteerism and shared-responsibility.