Anti-radicalism, anti-illegal drugs advocacy intensify in Sarangani

Stakeholders in the province of Sarangani intensify its campaign against radicalism and illegal-drugs generally aimed to address the issue on drugs and keep the province free from groups espousing violence to advance their cause.

Spearheaded by the Office of the Governor’s Sulong Sarangani Program through its component projects Madaris for Peace and  Sulong Kapayapaan, the drive has oriented the Muslim community members of the municipalities of Alabel, Glan, Malapatan, Kiamba and Maitum on the Islamic perspective on radicalism and illegal drugs.

During the advocacy activity held at Maitum, the lead resource person, Sheikh Norul-am Abdullah warned the audiences against radical groups who espouse their cause through violence.

“These people treat other Muslims even their parents as enemies once they cannot get support,” Abdullah said. “An extremist would even kill his own mother if she does not support his cause,” he added.

Abdullah related the emergence of the extremist group ISIS in 2013 sowing violence in Iraq and Syria. “ISIS has been condemned by Muslims from different countries around the world,” he said.

He also warned on the increasing numbers of Shi’a followers in the country citing that this sect has veered away from the true teachings of Islam.

“In the history of Shi’a, they have more record on sowing violence against the Sunni,” he said and added there are followers of Shi’a in Manila, Lanao and Zambonga.

In a trainers’ training on advocacy against radicalism and illegal drugs last month, Abdullah together with fellow Uama lectured selected Asatidz (Madaris teachers), PNP Salam, Muslim provincial staff and members of the PNP and AFP on the history of radical groups Shi’a and ISIS and the point of view of Islam on prohibited drugs. Thereafter the same advocacy was carried out in the five towns of the province. 

Sultan Salman Sapal, Deputy Provincial Director of Sarangani PNP, also lectured about the legal and health consequences of indulging into prohibited drugs.