1st Islamic Symposium 2017 held in Kayaga, Pandag, Maguindanao

 The village of Kayaga in Pandag town Maguindanao held the 1st Islamic Symposium 2017 last January 20, 2017 with the theme’’ Ya tidto a Pagagama sa Islam nasu Manusiya a magalaw e pamenengan kanu kaped nin’’. Some of the best Islamic scholars were invited as lecturers.

Ustadz Maula Balasa read some verses of the Noble Quran. In his opening remarks, Barangay Chairman Abdulhamid Mangelen said, “I encourage the parents to force their children to enroll in madaris or Arabic Schools. I hope this is not the last symposium held in my barangay but I am expecting many more Islamic Symposia will follow”. 

Ustadz Zainudin Gumbila Dean of Mahad Sarque, Buluan, Maguindanao emphasized that behavior of every individual is part of faith in Allah (SWT). He also mentioned the behavior of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that Allah (SWT) did not recognized the strong faith of Rasulallah but Allah (SWT) really appreciated the characters and behaviors of Rasulallah.

The most awaited part of the program was the updates on Bangsamoro Peace Process by Ustadz Abusama A. Abad, Junior High School Program Head of Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College.

“We are now in the implementation of the signed agreement between the MILF and the GPH. No more negotiation and from negotiating panel we are now in the implementing panel that will decide and work for the implementation of the four major tracks; the Tripoli Agreement, Memorandum of Agreement& Ancestral domain that declared by the Supreme Court unconstitutional in 2008, FAB and CAB signed by previous the administration,” Abad said.

Those supported the program were former Kayaga Barangay Chairman Katog Lapedsing, Councilor Faizal Talipaco, , Ustadz Malik Hasim and Ustadz Abdulrajak Salih. Around 300 participants from different sectors such as SWC, youth and the academe participated.