BDA-CenMin facilitates Relief Distribution and Feeding of Cotabato City Fire Victims

The Bangsamoro Development Agency-Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) facilitated relief distribution and feeding program for fire victims in Tukananes, Poblacion 7, Cotabato City last January 8 and 12, 2017, that catered to more than 160 recipients and over 200 children, respectively.

In an interview with Hasna Kadil, Administrative Assistant of BDA-CenMin, by Communication Group of the Agency, she said that the relief assistances were made up of 3 kilos of rice and 3 packs of used clothes.

As part of our intervention, we also conducted feeding of 200 children, and luckily, not only the children of fire victims were served but also other victims of the conflagration, Kadil further clarified.

Along with the feeding program, psychosocial intervention was also conducted for the target children taking into consideration their traumatic experience as an effect of the fire incident, said Anuar Cabalo, Peace Building Program Coordinator of BDA-CenMin.

Conducting psychosocial intervention for the affected children does not mean treating their conditions but was designed to promote their mental health, emotions, attitudes and habits, added Cabalu.

Abdnulnasser Akmad, Social Welfare Program (SWP) Coordinator of BDA-CenMin, in his feed back to the agency’s ComGroup explained that said activity was realized through the collaborative efforts of the following, such as: BDA-Central Management Office, BDA-CenMIn, Provincial Development Committee of Bandar, Nurusslam, Ittihadun Nisa Foundation, Inc, Social Welfare Committee, and other compassionate personalities or individuals.

Akmad, appealed to organizations and potential donors to extend assistance to the fire victims with the BDA-CenMin commits itself to facilitate further intervention through distribution.

Abdulrasheed B. Ambil, BDA-CenMin Regional Manager in his message, expressed thanks and gratitude to the organizations and individuals for extending assistance and for their trust and confidence to BDA in facilitating the interventions.

May Allah Subhanahu wa Taalah rewads us all in this world and in the hereafter, concluded Ambil.