Moro farmers to organize Sarangani Muslim Organic Farmers Association

Moro farmers enthusiastic to delve in organic farming agreed to form an group they will call Sarangani Muslim Organic Farmers Association this year in order to create an avenue where they can help one another as they would venture into agriculture the natural way.

Ustadz Mahmoud Wasag from Malapatan, Sarangani Province, said in an interview by Luwaran that there is an increasing awareness among the public on the health benefits of consuming agriculture products free from synthetic pesticides and inorganic fertilizer.

He said the proposed organization will carry the voice of the Muslim organic farmers of Sarangani. “There are more than ten of us as core members of the proposed association,”Wasag disclosed.

“We are still in the process of acquiring more knowledge and applying what we learn in our own farms,” he said.

The Moro farmers were trained in vermiculture, crop rotation, contour farming, organic goat raising, and producing natural pesticides at Kauyagan demo farm in Tupi, South Cotabato.

The facility primarily aims to help farmers from the Moro and Indigenous Peoples sectors to have an increased income through organic methods of farming.

Wasag said they look forward for an increased production of organic vegetable, native chicken and goat.

“In shaa Allah, once we become productive, we shall have in the future a small market of Halal organic vegetables preferably in General Santos City,” he said.

“And that will answer the needs of the Muslim consumers for Halal organic farm products,” he said. 

Halal means permissible. Muslims consume Halal foods. These are foods that are free from filth, alcohol, swine derivatives, blood or any substance that is detrimental to human health.