North Cotabato Provincial Tarbiyyah hosts Bangsamoro Education Strategic Plan Presentation

A group of Arabic School Teachers and Administrators from various madaris of North Cotabato Provincial Committee participated in the follow-through presentation of the First Bangsamoro Strategic Plan on Education and Culture Development held at the Ma’had Kabacan on April 18, 2017. 

The purpose of the presentation is to understand the manual of operation of the Bangsamoro education curriculum that can deliver balanced and quality education for all, sustain peace and harmonious co-existence and participation of all education stakeholders in all levels of education. 

About 120 participants attended most of them Madrasah school administrators and teachers, according to the program secretariat. 

Alkarie Bajunaid Abdulkarim read some verses of the Noble Qur’an.

Ustadz Faisal Pagalad, head of the provincial Tarbiyyah spearheaded the program to manifest his full support and desire to implement the education curriculum for the coming school year. The activity was the third follow-through presentations split by committee level. He said in an interview by Luwaran. Tarbiyyah is the Arabic word for education

Among the resource speakers were Shiekh Nash P. Yusof Alhaj; Shiekh Norden Husain Alhaj, and Dr. Esmael Abdullah. All of them are core members of the Tarbiyyah Technical Working Group (T-TWG) that were tasked to design and present the First Bangsamoro Strategic Plan on Education and Culture Development 2017-2035. 

Education is not only important, but it is also a long-life struggle, an ever continuing process of learning. It is a learning progression beginning at birth and ending only with death. Seeking of knowledge is obligatory to every individual. In the context of Islam, education is regarded as a process that involves the complete person, including the rational, spiritual, and social dimensions. The comprehensive and integrated approach to education in Islam is directed toward the balanced growth of the total personality.

The Tarbiyyah players encouraged the Bangsamoro community to open up a Tahderiyyah Learning program to serve as a kindergarten school for the Bangsamoro children that can meet the envisioned “Balanced and Quality Education for All”.