Sultanate of Buayan Darussalaam supports the BBL without pre-condition

“We deeply expressed our collective commitment and full support to the new BBL and the current peace process without pre-condition to attain the main objectives of the Bangsamoro.”  This was emphasized by Judge Datucaca Camsa, Secretary General of Sultanate of Buayan Darussalam during a Dialogue-Consultation with BTC Chairman Ghazali Jaafar recently held at Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao.

Through power presentation, Prof. Raby Angkal, BTC Chief of Staff presented briefly the main objectives of the dialogue-consultation with the Sultanate leaders. He explained the rationale: Why there is a need to help and push the BBL. We should strive hard and must be united to work for one common objective, to leveling off on the Bangsamoro History and the current issues to stop the sufferings of the Bangsamoro. That’s why we need to support the implementation of CAB, the negotiated political settlement of the Bangsamoro issue in Mindanao.  

“Let’s hold on to the rope of ALLAH all together and do not separate”, Angkal stressed.  

“The Sultanate of Buayan Darussalam declared full support to the expanded BTC and the BBL. “Even before the signing of Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB), we started making our initiatives on how to support the Bangsamoro struggle. We have a lot of position papers submitted not only to the MILF and OPAPP but also to some foreign dignitaries invited by the MILF. The Sultanate of Buayan Darussalam position paper is BBL first ahead of federalism. The same position paper will be submitted to the GPH panel to push the BBL ahead of federalism”, Judge Camsa said.

Datucaca further stressed that it doesn’t matter to us whoever is installed in position after the BBL is ratified. It’s not the sultanate personality, but what is important to us but to achieve the main objective of the Bangsamoro in general”, Judge Camsa stressed.

BTC Chairman Ghazali Jaafar acknowledged with pleasant message the the prime Sultanate and other royal houses members who attended the very significant occasion. Let us be thankful to Allahu s.w.t. for having this opportunity to talk to you personally and discuss our main objectives. 

“The Bangsamoro was the oldest nation in the world history. In fact, the sultanates form of government started in 14th century, whereas the US government started in 17th century. Even before the arrival of the Spaniards in 1521, the Sultanate has already established its government for about 200 years. That’s the reasons why the Spanish colonial government has never succeeded in conquering the Bangsamoro in their more than 200 years of resistance without let up. So, their bravery coupled with collective leadership of the Sultanate demonstrated the best mechanism in fighting against the Spanish super power that never succeeded”, Jaafar narrated.

 Jaafar reiterated the importance of dialogue and consultation that could resolve even the contentious issues.  

About 19 Sultans of Sultanate of Buayan Darussalam and the Royale Houses members led by Prime Sultan Amil Husain Camsa were very thankful to the BTC Chairman Jaafar and members of the Commission for giving them time to share their ideas in the dialogue-consultation organized by the BTC Task Force on Sultanate chaired by Sultan Sanny Pinagayao of Sultan sa Linantangan. 

Prof. Candidadtu Kalipa, Datu a Lukes of Sultanate of a Buayan sa Buayan facilitated the very successful dialogue-consultation between the the Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) and the Sultanate of Buayan. 

Sultan Bungguan P. Akmad, Sultanate of Madanding has recommended to the BTC Chairman Jaafar to facilitate a unification program for all the Sultanates in Central Mindanao. It is very important to have unity and reconciliation of all the Bangsamoro traditional leaders, Sultan sa Madanding said.

The  BTC Chair wholeheartedly accepted the proposal.