In photo- Volunteers and donors during the 33rd MBD at City Mall, Cotabato City

Muslim Aid supports 33rd Muslim Blood Donation

“As part of its humanitarian activity, the Muslim Aid supported the 33rd Muslim Blood Donation (MBD) conducted by the Bangsamoro Development Agency-Central Mindanao (BDA-CenMin) held at City Mall of Cotabato City last July 2, 2017,” said Amoth Polalon, Health Development Program Coordinator of BDA-CenMin.

In an interview by BDA-CenMin Communication Group (ComGroup) with Pendatun Patarasa, Muslim Aid Project Manager, he said that, “The Muslim Aid already dreamed to support the MBD during the 32nd bloodletting activity and the dream now finally comes true that this international organization had supported the 33rd MBD.”

“In particular, food assistance was provided by Muslim Aid as part of its humanitarian activities that focus on health care,” Patarasa also said.

In behalf of the Muslim Aid, Patarsa also expressed his deep interest and commitment to help if ever the MBD will be replicated in the island provinces. 

As an organization, the Muslim Aid with a mantra, serving the humanity, has the following programs; such as: 

1. Shelter 

2. Livelihood 

3. Youth Empowerment

4. Education, Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WaSH), and

5. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), Climate Change and Adaptation (CAA), & Emergency Response.  

“The Muslim Aid has been implementing various development projects in the Philippines, particularly in Luzon, Visayas and Mindnao,” Patarasa pointed out.

“Muslim Aid is an international organization with domestic office address based in Bagua II, Cotabato City, Mindanao, Philippines,” added Patarasa.

On behalf of BDA-CenMin, Sheikh Abdulrasheed Ambil, BDA-CenMin Regional Manager expressed his thanks and gratitude to the Muslim Aid for its support by way of food assistance during the 33rd MBD.

He also said that aside from Muslim Aid, other organizations also supported the BDA-CenMin during the 33rd MBD.