(Left to Right) Maj Gen Datuk Masrani Paiman, Mr. Butch P. Malang and BGen Earl D. Baliao AFP with Saladin Muhamad

IMT visits wounded BIAF fighters

 In a press release issued by the International Monitoring Team (IMT) says that Maj Gen Datuk Masrani Paiman, IMT Head of Mission– M12 along with Chairman of the MILF CCCH Mr. Butch P. Malang and Chairman of the GPH CCCH BGen Earl D. Baliao AFP visited three MILF-BIAF fighters in Cotabato City Regional Medical Center on August 7, 2017. 

The three fighters were wounded during an operation against elements of BIFF/IS in Barangay Andavit, Datu Saudi-Ampatuan, Maguindanao. 

The three wounded fighters were identified as Abdul Fattah, Harun Bato and Saladin Muhamad. They were wounded because of IED set up by BIFF/IS. Five other MILF-BIAF fighters died during the operation, according to the press release. 

 The IMT initiated the visit as part of Confidence Building Measures effort among the stakeholders of the GPH-MILF peace mechanism. 

During the visit, BGen Earl D. Baliao AFP presented baskets of fruits to the wounded fighters as token of appreciation. He expressed hope that all MILF-BIAF fighters wounded in the operation against lawless, violent extremist will recover very soon.