Islamic Scholar explains Extremism, Radicalism and Terrorism in the Concept of Islam

Sultan Naga Dimaporo, Lanao Del Norte- Local stakeholders and Civil Society Organizations held an Orientation-Seminar at the Sports Stadium in this town on August 13, 2017 through the support of the local government unit.

The program was attended by about a hundred local leaders, members of the Bangsamoro Communication Network (BCN) of Kapatagan and Marogong of Lanao Del Sur, Prime Movers for Peace and Development (PRIMO), Bantay SND, Inc., CARES, ORACIS, Islamic Radio Club, Maradeka and Federation of Bangsamoro Civil Society Organizations (FBCSO).

The primary aim of the activity was to let people understand what Islam in its correct perspective.

Municipal Secretary Mando Mama also invited Lt. Col. Ericson Rosana, Battalion Commander, 15t IB, 3ID whose area of jurisdiction covers the 11 municipalities of Lanao Del Norte.

The Welcome Address was given by Municipal Councilor Andom Marohom on behalf of Mayor Uluwan Dimaporo and Vice Mayor Mutalib Dimaporo who were attending an official meeting.

Atty. Amir Bassir, PRIMO Regional Director, and President of Bantay SND, Inc. told the participants that they have organized and helping the LGU in the maintenance of peace and order in the communities.

For his part, Lt. Col. Rosana said he was truly elated by the awareness program by both the LGU’s and CSOs in their campaign against radical groups whose aim is the total destruction of communities and sow fear among residents.

“Problems on religious extremism, radicalism and terrorism cannot be solved by the military alone. Our government needs the support and cooperation of the people”, Lt. Col. Rosana pointed out.

“Islam is ahead by centuries before the Spaniards set foot on the shores of the Philippine Archipelago and introduced Christianity”, he added.  

FBCSO member Amer Mutia presented a report on the actual situation in Marawi City since at the start of the siege on May 23.

Sheikh Abdulhadie Gumander, Islamic Scholar defined in a clear and simple the meaning of Islam as a Religion of Peace, because it is derived from the word Salaam, which connotes peace and nothing else.

“Extremism, radicalism and terrorism is new and foreign to Islam. It has nothing to do with it”, he said. He also narrated that all the prophets from Adam, to Prophet Jesus, and more so to the last Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) never commanded their followers to kill those who do not follow them.  

“If we only study the life of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.), then we can fully understand how he was treated harshly and his people, how they were persecuted that caused them to migrate. And there at Madina when they were attacked by their enemy that a revelation granting him to fight those who fight them. Take note, be not the aggressor, but be on defensive only”, Sheikh Gumander said.

He also cited a verse from the Noble Qur’an: “If you kill intentionally a person without a just cause, it is as if you kill the whole mankind. “See how Almighty Allah made life sacred”, Sheik Gumander added. 

“Even the judges were commanded not to render justice in times of anger, because, all our acts are for Allah, that any action done outside the ambit of Islam, we are accountable for that in the day of judgement. And even during the time of war, Muslim kills for Allah alone and never for vengeance, retaliation just because the other side have different faith and religion”, he said further.

While the sheikh was making his presentation, the military officers present were listening attentively.

In his parting message, Sheikh Gumander mentioned the importance of ‘communication’. Through dialogue, we can solve all differences. Listen to the other side; do not impose your own views only. Respect the rights of other irrespective of faith or race for it is the key to peace and that is what Islam stands for.  Islam is a religion of moderation and not extremism, not radicalism, not terrorism. Anyone who acts like this will only bring devastation and havoc as what we see in the middle-east.