CCSPC SSG officers converge on how to engage in building Bangsamoro society

COTABATO City – Officers of the Supreme Student Government of Cotabato City State Polytechnic College (CCSPC) converged on the night of 26 August 2017 to discuss the concept of “How to Engage the Youth Leaders in Building Bangsamoro Society.”

The student leaders were joined by some of CCSSP alumni. 

Engr. Zubair Guiaman, Chairman of Union of Muslim Youth Organizations (UMYO) was keynote speaker. 

Guiaman dwelled on his major points of discussion which included understanding the concept of "Bangsamoro", identifying the problems in the Bangsamoro, knowing the results and implications of these problems, what are the impacts that may take place if these problems will be addressed appropriately, and how to engage the youth leaders in building a Bangsamoro Society.  

"The Bangsamoro primarily constitute identity, territory, and sovereignty," he explained. Accordingly, the full understanding of the Bangsamoro lies on one's learning about history. Quoting a statement of Mohager Iqbal, MILF Peace Implementing Panel Chair, he said that "A person who doesn't know his history has no future." 

Guiaman also stated the possible impacts and results if the problems in the Bangsamoro will be finally addressed. "The evolvement of militant groups will be mitigated and eventually eradicated, In Shaa Allah; peace, security, and development will be attained; and fear from any terrorist group both locally and globally will diminish" Guiaman explained.

To engage the youth leaders in building a Bangsamoro Society, Guiaman enumerated the means on how to attain this endeavor such as: the youth leaders must engage themselves in upholding the deprived rights of the Bangsamoro - its identity, territory and sovereignty; they should support the on-going Peace Process between the GPH-MILF and GPH-MNLF; they should conduct awareness program on origin, challenges, solutions, and importance of the Bangsamoro.

He also mentioned that they should abstain themselves from any activity that is detrimental to the existing peace efforts, such as engaging in violent extremism; they should also have the good intention in doing this endeavor; and that the youth leaders must honor and respect their parents because success lies in the feet of their parents.

The 3-day team building activity was also graced by other active youth leaders such as Engr. Datu Puwa Mamalac and Aleem Amenodin Samporna. ####